Multiple Brand Marketing, Mya Papaya and National Dental Care Month

Episode Description:

Dentistry's Growing with Grace: Grace and Dr. Tim Stirneman discuss the topics of marketing for multiple brands, National Dental Care Month, and Dr. Stirneman’s favorite hobby.

About Tim Stirneman

Dr. Stirneman has been working in dentistry for 26 years now, and there’s nothing he enjoys more about his job than meeting new patients and helping them improve their lives. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Creighton University before moving on to achieve his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at Creighton University Dental School. He also annually attends around 100 hours of continuing education courses, including over 150 hours of basic and advanced orthodontic training and 120 hours of dental implant training, which included live patient surgery on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. His current passion is treating sleep apnea, and he’s devoted a majority of his training to it over the last few years. He is currently working his way towards becoming board-certified in a number of different prestigious dental academies.

About Grace Rizza

Grace Rizza began growing businesses at the age of 22. She has guided the growth of more than 1,000 successful businesses while building a business and family of her own.

Grace is not limited to dental marketing in her speaking topics. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about corporate culture, sales, and innovative business development.

Her mentality, approach to business, inner strength and leadership perspective will challenge you to think big, act bigger and amplify your life.

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