Comparing Practice-Owning Strategies

Podcast Description:

In this Dentistry’s Growing with Grace event, Grace Rizza sits down with Dr. Matthew Hubis of River District Smiles. In this interview, we discuss the different ways to own and run a practice based on firsthand experience.

In this episode, Grace Rizza and Dr. Hubis discuss:

  • The process of running a practice
  • The various ways marketing can impact this process
  • The differences between a start-up and an acquisition

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Meet Dr. Matthew Hubis:

Dr. Matthew Hubis is a General Dentist practicing in Rock Hill,  SC. After growing up in Florence, SC and completing undergrad and dental school in Charleston, SC, Dr. Hubis bought his first practice straight out of dental school. It was an acquisition and a partnership. His second venture was the sole acquisition of a rural practice. His third, and present, venture is a startup.

Meet Grace Rizza:

Grace Rizza is the CEO and founder of Identity Dental Marketing, which serves practices nationwide with ethical, effective marketing solutions. Today the company has helped to propel over 1,500 businesses to new levels of success.

In her tenure as a business owner, Grace has authored countless industry-specific articles, podcasts, and blogs. She has spoken at dozens of dental meetings, including the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting and the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

What People Are Saying

John Chatham Testimonial

After attending Grace’s seminar I immediately thought, ‘finally somebody who understands marketing dental practices and how to effectively attract and retain new patients.'

John A. Chatham, III Henry Schein, Inc. VP Global Sales Leadership & Development June 15, 2016

Dr. Roy Shelburne Testimonial

Grace is a phenomenal speaker who enthusiastically shares her passion for dental marketing in a way that is clear, concise, and extremely valuable. Her straightforward approach to navigating the complexities of practice marketing and promotion with unique, custom crafted, effective strategies help her doctors move to the next level rapidly and with minimal effort.

Roy Shelburne DDS June 15, 2016

Linda L. Miles Testimonial

Grace Rizza, a rising star speaker in dental marketing gives each person in her audience a blueprint for creating their discerning difference.

Linda L. Miles CSP, CMC June 28, 2016

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