General Dentistry & Orthodontic Treatment Plans: Critical Considerations with Dr. Lou Chmura

Episode Description:

Dr. Lou Chmura with Complete Orthodontics has extensive experience in practicing Orthodontics and has attended many hours of continuing education.

Learn from him in regards to providing exceptional esthetics, functional occlusion, and airway-friendly orthodontics in your office.

In this episode, Grace Rizza and Dr. Lou Chmura discuss:

  • Understanding that complete orthodontics is more than just “straight teeth”
  • Why the conversation has shifted from diagnosis first to treatment plan first
  • Understanding the clinical touch points in orthodontics
  • The benefits of achieving great (complete) orthodontic results with less than half the normal in-person appointments

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Meet Dr. Lou Chmura:

Dr. Lou Chmura has been an orthodontist for over 34 years and has attended over 10,000 hours of continuing education. An early adopter of technology, Dr. Chmura has figured out how to help other practitioners expand the diagnosis of orthodontics to include exceptional esthetics, functional occlusion and airway expansion. He then helps execute treatment plans to address ALL of these factors in the treatment plan. More importantly, Dr. Lou Chmura can be a virtual orthodontist in your office, allowing you to turn down time into production with a staff-driven orthodontic arm.

Meet Grace Rizza:

Grace Rizza is the CEO and founder of Identity Dental Marketing, which serves practices nationwide with ethical, effective marketing solutions. Today the company has helped to propel over 1,500 businesses to new levels of success.

In her tenure as a business owner, Grace has authored countless industry-specific articles, podcasts, and blogs. She has spoken at dozens of dental meetings, including the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting and the Greater New York Dental Meeting. 


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