Don’t Let Overhead Pull You Under

Episode Description:

How can you make sure your money is going towards the right aspects of your business? What will you do when savings aren’t as strong as they used to be? On this episode of Dentistry’s Growing with Grace, Grace Rizza sits down with Bob Affleck of Citibank Healthcare Practice Finance to discuss the importance of managing your finances properly during times of crisis. We discuss great advice for the nation's shut down, as well as how to learn from the process. There are specific steps you can take to strengthen the foundation of your practice that you'll want to know.

On this episode, Bob aims to:

  • Provide the tools his clients need to create extra cash flow for their practice
  • Provide them with new ideas and ways to grow their practice
  • Provide hope for their future

About Bob Affleck

Bob has dedicated the past 31 years helping thousands of dentists realize their dream of practice ownership, practice growth and leaving their legacy. Bob's career path has taken him from a practice finance specialist, practice management consultant, and even a practice broker.

Experiencing the dental industry from all angles; Bob has the experience to help his clients from the beginning to the end of their career and everything in-between. Building business relationships with his clients has been his greatest reward.

Bob enjoys coaching New buyers by becoming their advocate when purchasing their practice. He places a big emphasis on educating his clients on the business side of dentistry, most important, providing them a road map for success throughout their careers.

Bob's true passion is helping dentists in every facet of their career, which is why he created a live seminar series called Dental MBA Business Series, a series that focuses more on the do's and don'ts of building their practice, his programs are delivered to dental societies throughout California. Just last year he delivered over 40 programs for multiple dental societies. He has participated in numerous webinars and podcasts.

He's currently the co-host of a new podcast called Dentistry for the Millennials Pathway to Practice Ownership with co-host Gary Kadi of Nextlevel practice along with their webinar series specifically designed for the fourth quarter dentist.

Bob has played an active role throughout the whole pandemic crisis. He's participated in a weekly webinar called Create Certainty in uncertain times with a group of other top industry advisors. Bob's primary goal was to help dentists return to their practices stronger than when they were shut down.

About Grace Rizza

Grace Rizza began growing businesses at the age of 22. She has guided the growth of more than 1,000 successful businesses while building a business and family of her own.

Grace is not limited to dental marketing in her speaking topics. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about corporate culture, sales, and innovative business development.

Her mentality, approach to business, inner strength and leadership perspective will challenge you to think big, act bigger and amplify your life.

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